Thursday, August 5, 2021
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The variety of tours and rental options that are available in Port Stephens is amazing with so many excellent adventures for you to embark so that you get to experience all of the best parts of this exciting region.

No matter what age you are or the kind of tour you are searching for, you are guaranteed to find the perfect one to suit you. Port Stephens has many hidden secrets for its locals and visitors to enjoy, both day and night. You have a range of choices in which you can discover this area, you can hire your own rental vehicle for as long as you want or just jump on board a completely organised tour in which you don’t have to worry about a thing!

On land or out on the water, there are so many fantastic tours that you can set out on, that you will be left wondering which one you want to do first. Out on the water you can enjoy whale watching cruises either for half a day or even a full day if you would like to. There are also beautiful kayaking tours where you can book either a sunset kayaking tour or even a dolphin tour where you can get up close and personal with these inquisitive creatures.

There are also tour operators that organise day trips out to the neighbouring island just off the shores of Port Stephens, called Broughton Island. Here you can walk around the island, enjoy a lovely buffet lunch and learn about the wildlife and history of the amazing island.

Perhaps you are looking to come to Port Stephens to experience some world class diving, then look no further than the very experience and professional tour companies that run regular trips out to some of Australia’s best dive sites. Here you can dive down to the depths of the underwater world and discover magical coral gardens and a variety of beautiful fish.

For all you avid fishermen that are keen to throw in a line of two there are a variety of fishing tours that you can set out on, so that you can see just how big the fish really do grow in these waters. From yellowfin, mackerel, snapper, brim and the very exciting catch of a wahoo, you can have a great day out on the water when you embark on any one the fantastic fishing charters.


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There are also 4WD tours that explore the many vast sand dunes at Port Stephens, where you can have a fun adventure slipping and sliding down the very steep and thrilling sand dunes at Stockton Beach. Or maybe you would prefer to take a 4WD tour through the beautiful National Parks and rainforests.

There are also delightful tours that you can do for lunch or dinner, where you can sit and relax on a luxury vessel as you wine and dine on sumptuous delights. Be completely entertained by the friendly and hospitable staff as well as the beautiful surroundings. So pick up the phone and call us today so that you can speak with one of our staff members to discuss the many tour and rental options that you can book onto while you are in Port Stephens.

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