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The Entrance Resorts

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The resorts that can be found at The Entrance are testimony that this seaside destination is one of luxury and beauty that everyone must experience just once! Boasting beautiful beaches, swimming, fine dining galore and an array of attractions that will keep the little ones and the not so little ones occupied and happy all day long! Everyone will completely enjoy a holiday to the glorious location of The Entrance!

Resorts are a great place for accommodation while you are on holiday as many of them offer everything you could possible need for an excellent getaway onsite. And not to mention being located to all of the attractions, shopping, restaurants and beaches that are all within walking distance, so you don’t have to get in the car for your holiday.... which is always a bonus!

The Entrance is located right in the middle of Newcastle and Sydney being only one hour’s drive from both cities. Travelling along the Pacific Highway from either starting point is easy and with a number of scenic treasures along the way, it proves to be an enjoyable trip for everyone. You can also fly or catch a train or bus to Newcastle where you can hire a car to get to your desired destination.

So if you are interested in booking a room at this beautiful resort located in The Entrance please don’t hesitate to contact us today to secure your booking.