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Sydney Harbour Bridge

The planning and construction stages of the Sydney Harbour Bridge spanned over many years and dates back to the very early 1800’s. In 1815 is when it was first put forward to join the north and south sides of Sydney by a convict by the name of Francis Greenway but it wasn’t until the early 1900’s when the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge finally began and then actually completed in 1932. Around the time of the completion the Sydney Harbour Bridge was considered and engineering ingenuity and was seen as the epitome of modern bridge design back in those days and still to this day it is looked upon as one of the greatest architectural designs of the modern world.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge went through many stages, problems and threats to get to the final outcome of its completion as back in those days timber was the main resource for bridge building and to build a bridge of this calibre they would have to source durable masonry and cast iron supplies and back in those days it was only for the very rich to be able to access these materials and was kept for railways and things of that nature. Another problem that they came up against was the cost and technical difficulties they would face when building a bridge over a large expanse of water, such as the Sydney Harbour, that had incoming and outgoing tides to deal with. But then in 1900 the state government seriously looked into building a bridge at the turn of the twentieth century. Designs for the bridge were called for with a competition that was run and the winner Norman Selfe was announced but with a new change of government in 1904 the planning stages of the bridge came to a grinding halt. Then finally when bridge engineering and prefabricated steel and reinforced concrete was quickly becoming recognised the Sydney Harbour Bridge became a reality in the 20th century.

To this day the Sydney Harbour Bridge remains a national icon with thousands of visitors flocking to Sydney to witness this awesome architectural attraction as well as climb it. With 360 degree views of the city and its surrounds it is the best view in town. It is certainly one of the must do’s while holidaying in Sydney accommodation and attracts tourists and locals alike to take the climb to the top and you can either climb during the day, at sunrise or sunset. There are thousands of people that come to the Sydney Harbour Bridge every day to either cross it or just marvel at it. And with the every growing population along of Sydney and not to mention to countless tourists that come here, it was proposed to construct the harbour tunnel which was completed in 1992. The reason being for the development of the harbour tunnel was to reduce the traffic congestion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as to reduce the crossing time from the north and south sides of Sydney. The tunnel sees more than 75,000 vehicles every day pass through it!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge remains one of the true icons of Sydney and of Australia that is known worldwide and with plenty of tours and guided trips that you can book onto that include this attraction you can have every opportunity to experience it for yourself.