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Sydney Golf

Golf Courses, Sydney

Golfing enthusiasts will be right in their element when holidaying in Sydney as you can have the pick of some of Australia’s finest golf courses right on your doorstep. From nine hole courses in the surrounding suburbs to championship golf courses just five minutes from the CBD. Why not arrange to stay at one of the Golf Resorts in Sydney or look for some wonderful accommodation that is within easy reach of a great golf course so that you can play until your heart is content.

Sydney offers so many different golf courses for you to play on that it is too hard to list them all. But where ever you decide to book into, no matter where it is in Sydney, you can rest assure that there will always be an excellent golf course just down the road for your convenience.

Many of the four and five star resorts in and around Sydney all offer their own golf course that you can play a few rounds on while you are holidaying there and some of them also home to where some of Australia’s Championship Golf Events are held.

Golf Courses, Sydney

So why not look into when one of these up and coming events are being scheduled and arrange your holiday to suit.

Imagine playing a round of golf as you admiring stunning views of the city skyscrapers, or playing a round or two on superb greens that are well manicured and very well kept all year round. And then at the end of your game you can retire to the country club for a relaxing and refreshing drink with friends or even lunch or a light meal to refill the tank. Pretty much all of the golf courses have their own country club that welcomes all visitors even if you aren’t playing a round of golf with them.


Golf Courses, Sydney

Don’t have your own clubs, buggy, shoes or right attire to play golf with! Then why not find a golf course that offers their own golf shop where you can pick up anything from a golf cart, buggy to get around on to make things a little easier if you don’t feel like walking the whole way, shoes and even clothing for the occasion. Hire out your own set of clubs for the day and really kit yourself out for some fun on the greens.

There is a wide variety of different golf courses for you to choose from ranging from affordable to expensive for the more elite golf course as well as golf courses that are great for intermediate players through to the more advance golf enthusiast. From Moore Park to Randwick to Bondi Beach and Parramatta, you take your pick at which golf course will suit you and your budget correctly.

Golf Courses, Sydney

Perhaps you really want to make your holiday all about golfing so why not arrange a golfing tour that will hook you up with a professional tour guide who will let your experience many of the great golf courses within Sydney. Play on nine hole resort course, 18 hole championships course and so many more.

Sydney would definitely have to be one of the best places to come to if you want to experience world class golfing facilities right at your fingertips. Have so many courses all within easy reach of where ever you might be calling home for your holiday in Sydney and enjoy many delightful days of golfing in this great city.