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NSW Ski Fields | Snow Accommodation

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The Snowy Mountains area of New South Wales is the winter playground that attracts ski enthusiasts from all over Australia as well as the rest of the world. Here you will find a number of world class ski resorts that provide accommodation, restaurants, cafés, Ski lifts and equipment hire to suit every budget. The region provides a range of terrain that is suitable for skiers of every standard and there are a number of mountain resorts to choose from, each with its own particular identity, Mount Selywn is a prime example. The area can be accessed by air and connecting coach. The nearest airport's being Canberra and Cooma.

NSW Ski FieldsSnow Holiday, NSW

One of the most popular places to stay is Jindabyne. This is a great town situated on the banks of the trout filled Lake Jindabyne and is connected to the major ski resorts by road or the underground Ski tube. The Ski tube provides convenient access to the ski slopes without the need for driving in snow conditions and having to find somewhere to park. Jindabyne is mostly below the snow line. The town boasts a full range of snow accommodation to suit almost any budget, and there is a multitude of restaurants, cafés, pubs and nightclubs to please any visitor and cater to their whims and fancies.

In Thredbo there is also a range of accommodation located in the village for those who wish to stay close to the action. Thredbo also boasts an unbeatable range of restaurants, cafés, night clubs and pubs as well as providing for all your skiing needs. Thredbo has Australia's longest ski runs with runs up to 5.9 Kilometres and these are linked by a network of top class ski lifts.

Other major resorts in the area include Perisher Blue in Perisher Valley, Charlottes Pass, Smiggin Holes and Blue Cow. These resorts can be accessed from Jindabyne via the ski tube or you can stay on snow in a wide variety of lodges, hotels and self contained apartments. There is a huge network of ski lifts and a wide variety of terrain to suit the standards of any skier. You can also hire ski gear on site. Restaurants, cafés, pubs and nightclubs are available in a wide range to ensure you will enjoy a complete holiday experience.

NSW Ski FieldsSnow Holiday, NSW