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Norfolk Island Tours and Rentals

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There is such a variety of tours and rental options that you can pick and choose from when you holiday on beautiful Norfolk Island. You are going to have the holiday that you always dreamed of on this picturesque island surrounded by crystal blue waters, calm ocean seas and lush tropical surroundings that you can enjoy.

Norfolk Island is regarded as the perfect island escape, so not matter what kind of holiday you are after you can have it all on this magnificent island paradise. From land to sea, there is an attraction or activity that will excite even the most discerning traveller.

During the day you have the opportunity to take part in a range of tours, so why not talk with us about them and so why so many people keep coming back to Norfolk Island. On your holiday you can go horse riding or take an island discovery tour, where you will learn about the interesting past and history that this fascination island holds in its clutches.

There are also tours of the coffee plantation that is on the island where you watch and learn all about the producing and making of coffee and even get to sample some of the finest coffee beans around. There is also fishing and diving tours where you can easily spend an entire day either pulling in fish after fish for you throw on the BBQ that night or dive down to the depths below and discover an underwater world that will leave you gob smacked. You will have the opportunity to dive on some world class dive spots that people from all around come to enjoy every year!

There are great bird watching and bushwalking tours where you can spot some beautiful wildlife that call this wonderful island their home as well as take in breathtaking scenery along the way at picturesque lookouts.

You can also embark on luxury cruises where you can simply kick back and relax as you are taken around the island as seeing the beautiful scenery that makes up this amazing place or back on land you can take a tour through the three different museums and various churches.

No matter if you are looking for a tour or rental option either on land or on water you are bound to find an interesting adventure that you will love and enjoy. Everyone is going to have a fantastic holiday on Norfolk Island.... so come and enjoy it today!

Norfolk Island is located in the Pacific Ocean and there are a variety of flights that travel directly to the island paradise every week. You can depart from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Newcastle or if you are travelling from New Zealand, then Air New Zealand do runs every Wednesday and Sunday.

So jump on the phone right now so that you can have the opportunity to discuss the many tour and rental options that you will have available to you when you holiday on beautiful Norfolk Island.