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Kings Cross

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Kings Cross in Sydney these days is an electric mix of nightlife, entertainment, dining, culture, history, sophistication and wild adventures. It is recognised as the naughtiest suburb of Sydney where you can have the greatest concentration of adult shows and nightly entertainment all in the one place. But there is also a glamorous side to Kings Cross with cafes, restaurants, bars, boutiques and its close proximity to the city and the beautiful Sydney Harbour.

You can really step onto the wild side if you want to when you come to Kings Cross as you experience a lifestyle that is very rarely seen anywhere else in Australia. Plan one of the most awesome nights out you will ever have in one of the hottest suburbs of Sydney.

There is plenty of accommodation and many different hostels for backpackers to stay in, as this is a very popular tourist attractions for all backpackers to visit. You can find really well priced hostels that will provide comfortable holiday accommodation right in the heart of Kings Cross as well as easily being able to arrange well appointed hotel rooms, penthouses, apartments and more. There is every style of accommodation available in Kings Cross so you are sure to find exactly what you are searching for.

Kings Cross is commonly referred to by Sydneysiders as “The Cross” and has had a chequered past but these days it is very well known for its live entertainment, fine dining, bars and clubs as well as plenty of shopping treats and easy access to the train station where you can make your way to the city centre of perhaps Bondi Beach without any hassle at all. Whether you are looking for something for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is always a variety of places open to dine at 24/7, with all of the tastes from around the world to choose from.

Come nightfall Kings Cross turns into a whole other world and sees a variety of different venues pumping out the tunes. Many are very upmarket and well worth a look but there are also some places where you would have to keep your wits about you if you where to enter. Kings Cross can sometime be very hardcore to even the most regular night owl, but all in all it is a great place to experience one of the best places in Sydney.

If you don’t wish to stay directly in Kings Cross you can always take a day trip with an experienced guide who will show you all of the highlights and main attractions. Do some shopping along the way, dine out and discover what The Cross is all about for yourself. But one thing is for sure, whether you are staying here or just visiting for the day, Kings Cross is a must see while in Sydney.

Not only can you stay in wonderful family accommodation, look forward to excellent nightlife that is almost second to none and do some shopping but there are beautiful art galleries, museums and places to visit where you can learn about the colourful history and past of The Cross.

So put it in your itinerary and get down to Kings Cross in Sydney where you can experience another side to life.