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The Gardens at the Hunter Valley Gardens

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Spanning over 60 acres, be amazed by the sensational sights, colours, and fragrances of the ten stunning feature gardens. Explore each garden one-by-one and enjoy an exciting journey through the thousands of flowers, trees, and shrubs with an air of discovery at every turn.

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Bask in a lavish array of colour and scent found in the Rose Garden with more than 8,000 roses on display; laze above the 10 metre waterfall and take in the superb views from the lookout; or step back in time with all their favourite fairytale characters in the Storybook Garden.

The gardens will heighten your senses with a wonderful display of sight, colour and fragrance.

Along the eight kilometres of walking paths are more than six thousand trees, one million ground covers and six hundred thousand shrubs. A floral display featuring a variety of plants and statuary, all of a standard that you won't see elsewhere in Australia.

Sunken Garden

One of the more diverse of the feature gardens, the Sunken Garden has an array of evergreen and deciduous trees as well as smaller shrubs and annuals that offer a spectacular display all year round.

The Sunken Garden features a majestic 10 metre waterfall and garden beds ablaze with the colour of magnificent annual displays. Enjoy the spectacular views of the entire property from the pergola at the top of the waterfall and the blaze of colour from the surrounding gardens.

Framing the walkways are hundreds of roses, leading to the spectacular waterfall.

Sunken GardenSunken Garden

Storybook Garden

Featuring timeless old fashioned nursery rhyme characters, the Storybook Garden is a delight for all ages taking the visitor along on a journey through childhood dreams, memories and fantasies.

Just entering the Storybook garden is an experience in itself - through a giant storybook that is being read by topiary giraffes!

Skip your way past each of the characters to the sounds of all your favourite nursery rhymes. You will see the topiary animals such as giraffes, horses, teddy bears, ducks and many others.

‘Larger-than-life’ nursery rhyme characters and spectacular murals greet you at every corner offering excellent photo opportunities! Join Humpty Dumpty and all his kings horses and all his kings men, Jack and Jill as they tumble down the hill, Alice in Wonderland at the Mad Hatters Tea Party, Little Bo Peep and much much more!

Storybook GardenStorybook Garden

Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Featuring over 8000 spectacular roses full of fragrance and beauty, the Rose Garden is shaped as a corkscrew - highlighting an association with the Hunter Valley vineyards as well as offering maximum views of the stunning flora with walking paths throughout the rose beds.

Enclosing the Rose Garden are four pergola’s, ideal for relaxing in full view of the roses, and a variety of climbers which, in time, will create the feeling of total immersion within flowers and fragrance.

The predominant varieties within the Rose Garden include: Double Delight, Charles De-Gaulle, Freesia, Fragrance, Marlena, Bonica and Blue Moon roses. There are over 150 different varieties of roses with a total of 35,000 throughout the property.

Formal Garden

The largest of its type in Australia, the Formal Garden was influenced by the formal garden designs of France and England.

Bordered by Manchurian Pear Trees with beautiful white flowers and dramatic bronze foliage in autumn, which are underplanted by manicured buxus hedging, the Formal Garden features a variety of topiary and finely manicured lawns. Specimen trees of evergreen Magnolia grandiflora (Little Gem) are also featured in the gardens along with 3000 bushes of Rosa chameleon roses.

Make a wish at the “Wishing Fountain” within the Formal Garden, from which all proceeds are dedicated to local charities.

Formal GardenFormal Garden

Italian Grotto

Italian Grotto

Experience a taste of the Mediterranean when you visit the Italian Grotto. Featuring a statue of Saint Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of Animals and the Environment) the Italian Grotto is lined with red Bougainvilleas, pink Wisteria and cascading Geraniums and Pelargoniums.

A beautiful fragrant garden, enjoy the aroma as you stroll along the path past a variety of shrubs, citrus and bay trees, chamomile, rosemary and olives.

Lavender also feature on the banks of the Italian Grotto surrounding a gentle stream, which meanders through the garden beside a rustic gazebo providing stunning garden views.

Border Garden

As you enter this garden you are surrounded by intricate floral patterns contained within manicured box hedging.

Designed to reflect the classic French Parterre style of garden, the Border Garden is surrounded by pleached hedges of Ficus hillii (Hills fig), an Australian native, with Buxus sempervirens creating hedges and shapes throughout the garden.

This garden incorporates a number of hand-carved Indian marble water features and statuary representing the four seasons - truly a signature garden for the property and a place of romance and elegance. Walk along the paths within the garden or take in the sight from above the viewing platform.

Border GardenBorder Garden

Indian Mosaic Garden

Indian Mosaic Garden

Entering through 180 year old antique Indian Elephant Gates and bronze elephants, wind your way through a Syzygium australe (Lillypilly) hedge to discover a superb mosaic of ground covering plants and pebbles.

A contemporary design featuring Purple Ajuga and Gold Acorus, the Indian Mosaic Garden conjures up all of the aromas of India with Curry plants filling the air with their spicy scent.

Relax in the Indian Tea House finely crafted with traditional Indian décor – the perfect shady spot to enjoy the topiary elephants and lake that are close by.

Lakes Walk

Enter the Lakes Walk to the sound of a small waterfall and meandering streams whilst taking in the spectacular views of mass plantings of seasonal annuals, spring flowering trees and shrubs.

This special area of the Gardens is a place for reflection, promising peace and tranquility.

With beautiful flora and the spectacular Hunter Valley Gardens Chapel in the background, enjoy a gentle walk by the picturesque lake's edge, taking in the bustling bird life of the lake's island. Relax in the shade of the rotunda or one of the huge Weeping Willow trees. Expansive grassed areas offer the opportunity to relax and take in the abundant perennial colour and bird life.

Lakes WalkLakes Walk

Chinese Garden

Crossing green Chinese slate, visitors enter the Chinese Moongate Garden through a traditional Moongate guarded by two bronzed Temple Guardians, warding off evil spirits.

Incorporating traditional elements of rugged rocks, raked decorative gravels and slow growing grass, the Chinese Moongate Garden features Camellia sasquanta, Gingko trees, Bamboo and many edible fruits including Cumquats, Morus Mulberries and Persimmons.

And, of course, the garden would not be complete without the happy Buddha!

Chinese GardenChinese Garden

Oriental Garden

Oriental Garden

Enjoy the tranquil meandering streams and ponds full of spectacular Water Lillies and Irises. Step into a garden that represents the travels of Marco Polo, whose explorations took him throughout the Orient for many years.

The Oriental Garden draws its influence from primarily Japanese and Korean gardens and is a place of harmony, balance and serenity.

The garden features a two-story traditional pagoda surrounded by natural Australian granite.

A precisely trimmed and manicured garden with the largest lawn of ‘Zoysia Grass’ in Australia, the Japanese garden has a superb late winter and spring display of Azaleas, Camellias and Magnolias.

Overlooking this magnificent oriental display, relax and enjoy the tranquil setting from the balcony of The Garden Terrace cafe.

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