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Surf Lessons Information

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Classroom Lessons

From beginner to advanced, the Mojosurf team will have you surfing at your best!
Lessons focus on 4 main areas to have you up and surfing with confidence and style, in a fun, safe environment. All their instructors hold accreditations with

  • Surfing NSW
  • Bronze medallion-Advanced Resuscitation
  • Senior First Aid Certificates

1. Technique
Learning made easy with Mojosurf's time tested coaching techniques. Their accredited surf instructors are in the water with you every step of the way, teaching correct paddling techniques, wave selection, understanding the oceans elements, and how to stand up and ride waves.

Beach Lessons

2. Safety
At Mojosurf safety is the highest priority, everyday they take you to the friendliest and safest beaches, they use learner specific equipment, as well as abide by Surfing Australia guidelines by maintaining a ratio of 1 instructor for every 7 students.

3. Fun
A wise and cool dude once said, "The best surfer in the world is the one having the most fun". Whether you're wiping out or catching a wicked wave, surfing is all about having the time of your life.

4. Mobile Surf Adventure
Due to the consistently changing winds, swells, and tides, they are constantly moving to the best beaches to surf. Being fully mobile allows them to find the best waves around.

Board Sizes


Surfboards & wetsuits
Elite equipment. They supply the very best learner specific boards and warm wetsuits to all their surfer dudes.

They upgrade their equipment annually which means their surf gear won't let you down while you tackle the Aussie surf. As you progress they can also supply more advanced boards for the intermediate surfer.

Other activities
Your endless days on the beach can be as exciting or as relaxing as you like. They travel with volleyball equipment, footballs and other fun stuff. Surf, party, explore, go wild with mojosurf.

Surf StudentsSurf Students