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Australian Capital Territory

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The ACT or Australian Capital Territory is the seat of federal government in Australia. When the Commonwealth of Australia was formed and all the States came together as one country it was decided that in order to keep arguments arising between the State capitals as to which had the greatest claim to becoming the nations capital, that a new city should be built to become the seat of government and that a new territory should be formed. This Territory then became the ACT and the new city became Canberra.

Due to the way it came into being it meant that the entire city could be planned properly from day one. One Walter Burleigh Griffin was given the task of this planning and the lake at Canberra's centre bears his name to this day.

Australian Capital TerritoryAustralian Capital Territory

Canberra's national attractions in the Australian Capital Territory where there are many things to see and do. First and foremost one should visit both the old and new houses of parliament. The decisions that change our lives for better or for worse are made here. If parliament is in session you can visit the public gallery and watch the proceedings. There is a huge range of Canberra accommodation on offer and there is something to suit every budget.

Other places of interest that are worth visiting are The Australian War Memorial, The National Museum of Australia, The National Gallery of Australia, The national Library of Australia, The National Archives of Australia and the Australian Institute of sport.

Australian Capital TerritoryAustralian Capital Territory